A Multi Cuisine Restaurant with all day dining, offers a mix of Indian, Continental, Chinese and Mughlai mouth watering delicacies. However, it also has a very distinct flavor and texture of its own. Taking its inspiration from the home of the Slow Food movement. Marigold Restaurant has a balanced flavor, it includes sweet, sour and regular food. The meal explores all aspects of Indian dining styles and appetites, and each dish is served on specially crafted dinnerware. Another first for this city, the hotel restaurant has separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens for preparing and serving food.

Fragrant and flavourful kormas, salans, kheemas, kebabs and subzis were prepared by a multitude of chefs, including Bawarchis who cooked in large cauldrons, the Rakabdars or gourmet chefs, and the Nanfus who rolled out an assortment of rotis (Indian breads). The cooks competed amongst themselves to create something truly inventive and unexpected. They riddled the Nawaabs by adding secret ingredients to dishes. To maintain the novelty of their cuisine, trade secrets were disclosed only to the successors of the royal cooks.

We are Serving:

Tandoori Chicken, Marigold Restaurant
Halal Foods
Vegetarian Thali, Marigold Restaurant
Indian Vegetarian Foods
Mughlai Foods, Marigold Restaurant
Mughlai Foods

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This restaurant will change its menu offerings every month and continue to deliver variety with excellence at a great value. The culturally rich citizens of Agra and all visitors to this great city of love will enjoy the true gourmand for this thoughtfully designed offering.